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Morning’s early sunlight beckons
Toward its effervescent rays
To a place of tranquil beauty
Bathed in misty morning gray

To a wood of stately statues
Having endured the test of time
Forming a magnificent cathedral
Reaching for the cerulean sky

Angled light casts lengthy shadows
Unique and perfect, a paradigm set
Much like soldiers at attention
Waiting for orders to forge ahead


Now in peaceful wood I stand alone
Among these gently swaying giants
Listening to the leaves above me
Dancing in the awakening breeze

I long to know what woods these are
Which welcome me with sanguine arms
Embracing me like a long lost lover
Not wanting to let go

In its warm and reticent grip
I sense life’s ephemeral breath
And can’t help feeling all the while
Life grow richer still

Copyright 2002
Timshel Literature