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Ambushed, by Anne DuBose Joslin

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Volume II
Number 1

Summer 2003
In memoriam to Aaron Slom
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Living Life, Roaming, and Looking for More



Justin Katz, Guest of Honor

Gary Bolstridge, House of the Green Fairies

Zona Douthit, Fantasia in C Minor, Opus 64

A. Valentine Smith, from A Circle of Three

Stephen S. Hale, My First and Absolutely Last Summer on Cape Cod

Bill Goetzinger, from The Toonijuk

Mark Ellis, from Stakers

Janette van de Geest Van Gruisen, Spitting Distance

Andrew McNabb, The Reluctant Preacher

Barbara Moore, from Twice Sorry

Gary Bolstridge, An Existential Wish



B. Delaplain Deen
Maxwell & Evie Katz
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Katz
Denise Lussier
Hugh & Barbara Moore
Christine L. Mullen
Susan Ryan
Mary Troester


Janette van de Geest Van Gruisen, Earth Apple

Gary Bolstridge, Oxidation

Justin Katz, Safe at Home, September 11, 2001

Gary Bolstridge, Sustenance

Ingrid Mathews, Lighthouse Keeper

Justin Katz, Meetings on the Road, II: Immortal Conflict

Gary Bolstridge, Names of God

Janette van de Geest Van Gruisen, Thank the Pilot



Denise Lussier, Stillpoint

Lori Dillman, How to Pet a Cat

Christine L. Mullen, Hogmaney (New Year’s Eve)

Anne DuBose Joslin, from Ambushed

Christine L. Mullen, Recollections of Switzerland

Len DeAngelis, SanGimignano (Siena) Italy

Heide Atkins, Three Women on a French Canal


Photographs & Painting

Melissa Martin Ellis, By Breath Divine, from a window by Louis Comfort Tiffany at St. Columba’s Church, Middletown, RI (cover)

Gary Bolstridge, The Writer’s House of Rough Drafts

Len DeAngelis, Peace — Italian Style (watercolor)

Ingrid Mathews, Lighthouse Keeper

Ingrid Mathews, Le Canal du Midi

Ingrid Mathews, Ines Holding the Line

Ingrid Mathews, Church in Vianne

Ingrid Mathews, Hiking to the Castle Ruins of Lastours

Ingrid Mathews, The Hilltop Village of Turenne

Melissa Martin Ellis, Bishop’s Gate


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