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Ambushed, by Anne DuBose Joslin

Thank the Pilot by Janette van de Geest Van Gruisen

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Dedicated to Vin Duffy

There is little to tell of a church,
or cathedral —
even the pensive symbol of its bells carries no report —
when nothing happens in such a place,
except perhaps a chance meeting
with the verger, who startles
when the hum of weeping breaks
the barrier of sound that is acceptable
deep inside his church,
or cathedral.

His card says he is a pilot in another life,
accustomed to bearing from one side of the world
to another
heavy souls
who lie about their baggage,
until it crashes down on them.

And so another soul is his to tend,
this priest of sorts,
or at the very least transporter of men
and women who wish to fly —
but don’t know


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